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It’s never late for a new dream.

​Harel Madhala films & video productions 

Harel is a creative soul. specializing in adventure, tourism, travel, and sports film making. 

Harel and his team are a vibrant collective of creatives, delivering the full package of film production company for national brands such as 

WarnerBros, Samsung, Chevrolet,BMW, Domino׳s and more.

A strong story, professional team, beautiful cinematography, the perfect soundtrack, and a vivid color grade. It’s the balance between visual storytelling and a seamless edit flow that makes our work unique. 


Exploring my limits to capture the best shots.

Telling a story through cinematic content and its my passion, and I am so grateful for every opportunity I have to work, tell interesting stories and help others develop their business through their stories.

I love adventures. my passion is to capture incredible scenes all over the world.